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Cattleman Bone By Stetson

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This Bone Colour Stetson western Felt hat with a knot detail on the hat band. 

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This Bone Colour Stetson Felt hat with a knot detail on the hat band. Get into the country spirit and get this off white cowboy hat. This Stetson hat is made of wool felt and made in the USA. The brim is 10 cm and crown is 11.5 cm. 

In 1860, in collaboration with the harsh elements of the land, John B. (30 years old) joined so many and tried his luck at gold mining on the plains. John B. worked in the sunshine and the rain, he worked tirelessly to find his fortune but soon enough, the hard elements started to get to him. Soon he found that he he did not like blisters on his neck and rain in his eyes and so John B. dug into his father’s teachings and made himself a felt hat. This hat became the original “Boss of the Plains”. It is the hat that would become the cornerstone of Stetson and his company and is in production till this day. 

Hats are mostly made of Felt, Straw or Wool. Felt hats are the most expensive, Wool is less pricey and straw hats are the least expensive. For a hat made of felt, the cost is often determined by the amount of beaver fur in the hat and is marked by the amounts of X’s indicated on the inside of the hat. The higher the X, the more beaver fur is used and this normally makes the hat more durable with a softer and smoother feel.  

Straw hats also sometimes also have an X on the inside, this specifies the quality of the straw and how tight the weave is. Typically on our Shantung Panama hats there is an X rating.

A top quality felt hat can last from 20 years to a lifetime because of the durability of beaver fur. One reason for buying a high end hat is so that is can last a long time.

Some general rules for hat storage –

1. Most important rule is to not put a lot of pressure on the crown or brim because this may ultimately cause the hat to lose its shape.

2. When placing the hat on a flat service, place it brim up and crown down.

3.  During long periods when your hat is not warn, it is better to store a proper hat box.

4. Store hats in a cool, dry environment.  The worst place for a western hat is in a hot car.

Felt hats should be brushed regularly with a brim brush to remove dust and dirt. 

To Travel with a hat, some make use of Travel Hat Boxes with Handles to buy here at  These solid containers protect the hat from damage.