Royal King Latigo Rawhide Bosal

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Bosal with rawhide core for easy shaping and fitting. 

The black Bosal is solid black

The white bosal has red lines in

Choose the Color you want

A bosal is a type of noseband used in a bit less bridle. This one is, as with most bosals, made from a rawhide core to allow shaping. It is fitted to the horse in a manner that allows it to rest quietly until the rider uses the mecate reins to give a signal. It acts upon the horse's nose and jaw. Over the horse's nose the bosal has a thick, stiff wrapper, called a "nose button" and beneather the horses chin the ends of the bosal are joined at a heavy heel knot. The bosal is carried on the horses head by a headstall which is called a "bosal hanger". The rein system is called the mecate, which is a long rope, traditionally made of horsehair and is tied to the bosal in a specialized manner that adjusts the fit of the bosal around the muzzle of the horse. This creates a looped rein and a long free end that can be used for a number of purposes. When a rider is mounted, the free end is coiled and attached to the saddle and when the rider is dismounted, the mecate is used as a lead rope.

Latigo Rawhide Bosal
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