Nylon Web Tie Strap & Off Billet set
  • Nylon Web Tie Strap & Off Billet set

Nylon Web Tie Strap & Off Billet set

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Nylon Web Tie Strap & Off Billet set.


Tying the girth on your western saddle correctly is an integral part of a safe ride and needs to be done correctly before getting in the saddle.

Here’s a quick guide.

Place your saddle in the correct spot on your horses back. Our saddles generally comes with a front billet and latigo. The Billet is a the shorter piece of leather / webbing with holes punched in. this side is fastened by putting the buckle pin through the appropriate punched hole. The longer latigo is the side most new comers to western riding struggles with. Insert the end of the latigo / girth strap through the ring on the girth so that it exists the ring away from the horse. Pull it through and upwards. Take it all the way up to the D-ring on the saddle and put it through. This will give you a complete loop. If there is a lot of excess strap left, you can make another complete loop. It's best for strength to have at least two loops. The next step is to start tying the knot. To tie the knot, loop the cinch strap through the saddle ring, over itself and back up through the ring. This makes a knot similar to a man's ​necktie. The next step will be to complete the knot. The next step is tightening the whole girth.

After you have tied the knot, take up any slack in the cinch strap. Gradually pull the cinch straps, starting with the first (innermost) loop, so that the cinch is tight and the saddle is secure. Depending on the length of the remaining strap, you may loop it through the keeper behind the saddle strap. Don't leave the cinch strap dangling. 

Tighten your cinch again after your horse has moved around and relaxed. You want it tight enough so the saddle doesn't turn easily, but not so tight as to pinch the horse. You should be able to insert your fingers flat between cinch and horse.

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