Black Bull Riding Rowel

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Western Spur Replacement Rowel

1.25" diameter

5 Points


Includes Rowel Pins

This is a blunt-edged rowel which resembles a cloverleaf. This is one of the mildest rowels available and is great for a horse that only needs a tap to reinforce your leg cue.


One of the most defining things about a cowboy is the jingle-jangle of his spurs “singing.” To most persons raised in the city the cowboy’s jingling spur rowels might appear to be pretension, but spurs have a distinct function in the cowboy ensemble (and it’s just a bonus that it looks super cool).

A spur is a metal tool designed to be worn in pairs on the heels of cowboy boots and it is for the purpose of directing a horse’s movement. Usually used to refine riding instructions and used as back up the leg, seat, hands, and voice commands.

Spurs are used to signal that quick action is needed. It is not used for cruelty or discipline. Spurs are used very lightly and merely touched to the animals flank. Above all cowboys value their horses and the thought of unkindness towards their animal is beyond comprehension. A Spur is merely a signal for a horse to take action, the most important thing when riding with spurs is to understand this. Ride with your heels down so the spurs are off the horse’s flank provides more stability in the saddle and makes the time when you do use them more effective.

·        Spurs are a training aid. 

·        Spurs are not a weapon and wrong use of this item triggers fear and resentment.

·        Spurs are used to get a horse’s attention and should be used properly and sparingly.